What you need to know about Accounting Software

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    Iheonu Nkechi Gloria 3 weeks ago

    Becoming a finance professional you need to have sound knowledge of  various computerized accounting systems like Quickbooks, Sage 50, and others

     This will help you record the transactions, also prepare your books easily.

    This accounting system will also prepare reports for you at the end of the day, week, month, or year; you get reports like a balance sheet and other documents to help you make better decisions in the company.

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    KENNEDY AKHINME 1 week ago

    I will like to learn more about Quickbooks and Sage 50

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    Kemisola 1 week ago

    Hello Kennedy, kindly drop your email address so we can keep you updated when we have our next SAGE training.

    We offer Quickbooks training as part of The Techy Accountant course where we teach on IFRS standards, preparation of financial statements and more.


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