4 CV Myths Debunked

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    Kemisola 3 days ago

    Writing a CV is something that almost everyone needs to be able to do. However, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the various aspects of writing CVs that many people believe in. Crafting the perfect CV is a hard-enough challenge before trying to factor in all the myths there are about the process. It can be quite daunting!

    Today, we will debunk some of those myths...

    Myth #1: A CV Should be one page

    A CV shouldn’t be unnecessarily long; it should say what it needs to say. It shouldn't include useless information or sections that are irrelevant. But that doesn't mean it needs to fit neatly onto a single page of A4. Input relevant information about your experiences and keep it straight to the point. The length of a CV depends on the candidate’s personal circumstances and the job that they are applying for.

    Myth #2: You must include references on your CV

    Fact: Writing references on your CV is optional and not mandatory.

    In fact, we strongly advise against it if the organization hasn’t requested one.

    Writing “References are available upon request” is sufficient, and it also frees up valuable space that can be utilized for more important information such as education, work experience, skills and qualifications.

    Myth #3: Achievements should be highlighted in a separate section.

    The truth is that by separating accomplishments from your experiences, recruiters are more likely to overlook this section. Instead, showcase them by highlighting them in bullet points in the relevant sections.

    Myth #4: A good résumé will get you a job.

    A good CV will get you an interview. Simple! Once you are in front of the interviewer, you will need to sell yourself even better than the CV that got you the interview. The CV is only one step in the very intense job search process

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