3 Ways To Build Quality Relationships That Will Advance Your Career/ Business

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    Kemisola 2 months ago

    Building new relationships empower you to confidently and aggressively take risks, continually innovate, and recover from losses and setbacks along the way. Your business is a community, not an island and you need to understand that you can't run it alone. You need to keep identifying new relationships that are vital to the future of your business and career and define strategies to build these connections.

    The tips below will help you:

    Diversify your networks

    Relate with people beyond your immediate circle, and those you know well, to contact and nurture a real relationship with At least one supplier, a customer, and a competitor. The next step is to seek out relevant people from unrelated organizations, such as the media and government.

    Selectively spend quality time on key relationships

    Spend time with your most important customers, your most productive employees, and leaders who can make the most difference to your organization. These relationships will generate returns in the immediate future and in the long run.

    Apply your time, brand, and resources to key social issues

    Build a constituency of relationships with people who have shared beliefs, interests, and ambitions. Collaborating with them on solving shared social problems will turn them into engaged advocates of your business and make them your most powerful allies in building other relationships.

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