5 Major Benefits of Summer School

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    Madelyn Greydis 1 month ago

    Who can benefit from summer school? 

    You may think that summer school is only for students who need to retake a course or are struggling in a subject, but that simply isn’t true. Let’s discuss how all children—including yours—can benefit from summer school courses. 

    Students can explore a topic that interests them. 

    By enrolling in summer school courses, your child can access an interview essay example which may not be a part of their school’s curriculum. These courses can offer a foundation for developing skills and learning about topics they’re genuinely interested in. Whether they want to practice art, writing, or graphic design, learn a new language, or develop a new skill like woodworking, summer school can provide the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and gain valuable experience.  

    Students can get a head start on their future. 

    Summer school courses are popular among students who want to graduate from high school ahead of schedule or are interested in having a lighter class schedule during their senior year. By finishing high school or their coursework early, your child has more time to focus on their college and career aspirations, allowing them to place more energy on pursuing their goals in the next phase of life.  

    Students can avoid summer learning loss. 

    Research shows that by the end of summer break, on average, students in grades 1-8 lose 17-28% of their English language arts (ELA) gains and 25-34% of their math gains from the previous school year. Enrolling in summer school courses is an effective solution for preventing summer learning loss, particularly for students who may need extra reinforcement of difficult concepts.  

    Students can prepare for a study abroad program. 

    Does your child dream of studying in fascinating cities like Rome, Paris, Seoul, Barcelona, or any other foreign destination? Taking a summer language course can serve as a stepping stone and allow your child to build a foundation for effective communication during their future study abroad program.   

    Students can boost their GPA and confidence. 

    When applying for college admission, a student’s GPA is one of the most important factors considered on their application. And while all classes are part of the equation, one low grade can negatively impact their overall GPA and their probability of being accepted to their dream college. Thankfully, summer school courses can give students a second chance at earning the grade they want and help them to achieve their ideal GPA.  

    Flexible Online Summer School Options 

    Best of all, when your child enrolls in an online summer school program, they won’t have to miss out on adventures with friends or the ease of summer mornings, free from the sounds of alarm clocks. Online schools offer flexible online summer school programs and courses that allow you to create your own daily schedule. Plus it offers a wide range of courses to choose from, including:  

    • Art 
    • Social studies 
    • Language arts 
    • Math
    • Science
    • Music
    • History

    Ask your child what their goals are this summer and help them find the best courses to stay on track with their learning or explore a special interest. Whatever their aspirations are, summer school can help them achieve their goals. 

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