I Don’t Have Passion For Anything, How Then Do I Pick A Career Or Even Become Successful?

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    Kemisola 2 months ago

    Passion is usually what motivates you to pursue your dreams and succeed in life. However, finding what you actually love to do is the hardest nut to crack.

    The first step to finding your passion when you feel like you have none is to recognize that you are a person of many passions and interests. Some big, some small, and some that change as you grow and expand your horizons.  And the second step to this whole passion mystery is to relax. 

    Now follow these next steps

    1. Write down things that make you lose track of time – areas where you have fun in your life. 
    1. Think about what interests you – what you would do if you had a little bit more time every day.  Would you read more? Run more? Cook more? Travel more?
    1. What do people tell you that you are exceptionally good at? What have people admired about you in the past?
    1. What are you curious about? What gets you excited?

    Sometimes the voice in your head saying: “there’s nothing out there for you” will slow you down. Instead of listening to those voices, fight them! When you feel like saying: “There’s no passion for me” – instead say: “I have a lot of passions, and I’m enjoying exploring what I want to do next.”

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