We are officially in Q2!

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    Iheonu Nkechi Gloria 2 months ago



    How are you doing?


    Finally, we have wrapped the first quarter of 2021. Do you think it was fast? Three months down!


    How did the first quarter of 2021 treat you? Did you achieve that goal? Did you start what you had in mind?


    Many companies are going to start reviewing their first-quarter report and make necessary adjustments. Checking through their profitability, sales, liabilities, receivables, and many more, setting achievable goals for the next quarter.


    What's your own goal, are you still keen on being that tech-savvy finance professional? How far have you gone in achieving that?

    Don't worry, you still have nine months left to achieve this.


    You don't know where to start?  We can help you smash your 2021 tech-savvy finance professional goals.


    Don't forget to:

    🎯 Join our community, if you want to smash your tech-savvy accounting goals.


    🎯 Join every training session and invite family and friends.


    🎯 Interact with the community, ask questions, share insights.

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    Toyin O. 2 months ago

    The first three months have been intense. I look forward to a more rewarding 9 months.

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    Kemisola 2 months ago

    Thank you, Gloria. Regardless of how it's been so far, we move!

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