Online Savings and Investment- You should consider having one of these Apps on your phone

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    Bunmi Mercy 1 week ago


    This year has in fact proved how unpredictable life is, I believe this must have redefined our mentality of “security” and how we cannot control the odds most of the time.


    Regardless, there are somethings we can do to somewhat control the odds. One of the things we can do amongst other things is investing/saving. The fear of uncertainty caused by the pandemic has birthed a lot of businesses and also increased the level of savings and investment for unforeseen experiences.


    Consequently, in this article, I will be listing Eight (10) Savings and Investment Apps that are safe, accessible and convenient. Also, note that there are a couple of these Apps but for the sake of keeping the article minimal, I will stick to ten.


    1.      PiggyVest: An app that helps customers not only build a savings habit but provides investments features and products so customers can diversify their assets. PiggyVest is suitable for all classes of people especially for younger people who have lower income.


     A standout feature of PiggyVest is the flexdollar that affords you the chance to save in dollars.


    2.      Bamboo: A digital investment platform that enables trading in local and international stocks in the easiest and most convenient way. Registration process is made seamless for non tech-savvy people and affordable considering that with approximately 10,000naira you can start investment.


    3.      Cowrywise: Cowrywise is very similar to PiggyVest but with a broader array of savings plan. Although there is no provision for emergency withdrawals for long term savings.


    4.      Buycoins: If you’ve ever thought about investing or buying bitcoins and didn’t know how and where, here’s a platform you need to look at. Buycoins enables you buy and sell digital currencies-bitcoins, ethereum, litecoin & USD coins.


    5.      Eyowo: Eyowo is a financial services online platform that enables you to save money, send, receive and even make payments.


    6.       Risevest: Risevest makes it easy to invest in dollars locally for as low as $10, you only need to download the app, register, choose an investment plan and how much you’re willing to invest.


    What makes this interesting is you’re provided with different investment plans- Real estate, Stocks index and Eurobonds.


    7.      Pettysave: This is very similar to PiggyVest & Cowrywise, as they provide a platform for savings, investment and fixed deposits.


    8.      Chaka: Much like Bamboo gives you the opportunity to trade in local and international stocks, they have and app where registration and trading is made easy.


    9.      Carbon: Carbon is an online App that not only allows customers invest but allows one to carry out online payments, money transfers at relatively lower charges, provide instant loans and provide credit reports to customers. Some customers swear it is a better choice than their Banking apps.


    10. Passfolio: Passfolio is a U.S Stock Broker App that is relatively new to Nigeria, it is regulated by SEC and FIRNA.


    The catch is you can invest in U.S stocks for as low as $5 with no commission fees, quite interesting, especially as the exchange rate seems to be on an all time high.


    Naira deposits convert to USD through Passfolio Financial to allow the purchase of stocks from the US market. 


    I hope this article helps you to decide on where to invest!




    Written by: Laura Uche


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