Course Description

IAS 33 deals with the calculation and presentation of earnings per share (EPS). It applies to entities whose ordinary shares or potential ordinary shares (for example, convertibles, options and warrants) are publicly traded.

Here are things you stand to learn:

  • Definition of Terms
  •  Types of Earnings Per Share
  •  Calculations of the Types of EPS
  •  Presentation in the Financial Statement
  •  Recognition the Financial Statement
  •  Measurement in the Financial Statement
  •  The Disclosure Criteria
  •  Practical Application of IAS 33


Who should buy the Course:

  •  Finance Professional
  •  Students
  •  Finance Graduates
  •  Business Owners


The Techy Accountant

He is a qualified professional accountant with Eight (8) years extensive experience. He is a member of ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)- United Kingdom, a member of ACA (Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria), a member of ISACA (Certified Information System Auditors), A member of AHRP (Association of Human Resource Practitioner), a member of Association of Certified Fraud Examiner) and a member of Association of Accounting Technician (West Africa). He has a Degree in B.Sc. Ed Accounting from University of Abuja, an M.Sc. in Finance from Nasarawa State University and a current PhD student in Nasarawa State University.