Course Description

The objective of this course is to change your mind-set about how success can be attained. It further buttresses how you define success, limiting beliefs and your success, Networking for success and Personal branding. It will also helpunderstand basic manners in the business world, particularly in an office space. This course also contains how individuals should behave professionally and provide guides on how to deal with a difficult boss.

Here are things you stand to learn:

  •  Defining your success.
  •  The Limiting beliefs and attaining your Success
  •  How to Network for Success.
  •  Building a Strong Personal Brand.
  •  Defining Etiquette in an Office Space
  •  How to behave in a work space
  •  Dos and Don’ts of an Office Etiquette
  •  Practical application of knowledge through case study

BONUS: Networking Workbook. Click to download

Who should buy the Course:

  •  Business Owners
  •  Students
  •  Graduates
  •  Employees
  •  Business Professionals


The Techy Accountant
Koyona Duke

Koyona is a Speaker, Consultant, Writer, Trainer and Lead Consultant at GrowCo Management Solutions Limited. She has worked in consulting and business development for 9 years including designing and executing trainings for both private and government establishments in Nigeria. As a writer she has contributed to sites like the Pan Atlantic Journal and Bella Naija Features she also writes articles for business on the GrowCo Management blog as well as on LinkedIn. She anchors the Gatefieldtv show for businesses called the 5 Minute Entrepreneur.

She is a Certified Member of the Association of Accredited Business Consultants and an Award Winning Past Rotary Club President and Leader.