Course Description

The course will teach you all you need to know about Nigerian Taxes from Local to Federal taxes and how to handle tax matters as it relates to your business. This course will save you a lot of money from taxes and give you the needed confidence to handle any tax issues.

Course Outline:

• Why you should know Nigerian Taxes

• Category of Taxes

• Type of Taxes 

• What type of taxes should I pay and to who?

• How to liaise with tax officials 

• How Identify a fake tax official

• How to pay taxes 

BONUS: A template for calculating P.A.Y.E. 

Who should listen to this course:

• Business Owners

• Accountants

• Tax Consultants

• Anyone interested in Nigerian Taxe


The Techy Accountant
Toyin Olufon

Toyin Olufon is a seasoned finance professional having over Eight (8) years of extensive experience in the practice areas of Financial Reporting, Taxation, and Financial Advisory.

Toyin is also extensively experienced in tax matters with exemplary prowess in tax audits and investigation, tax reviews, tax planning, companies’ income tax, personal income tax, value-added tax, withholding tax management, processing of certificate of fixed assets additions (CAFA), and market entry strategy/option assessment to mention a few. 

 She has trained about three thousand (3,000) entrepreneurs and corporate employees across Africa and presently serves as a Tax Consultant to Medium/Large businesses and multinationals.

Toyin has also worked as a Consultant to the World Bank and Security and Exchange Commission.