Course Description

 IAS 2 prescribes the accounting treatment for inventories formerly called STOCK. It provides guidance for determining the cost of inventories and for subsequently recognising an expense, including any write-down to net realisable value.

The objective of IAS 41 is to establish standards of accounting for agricultural activity – the management of the biological transformation of biological assets (living plants and animals) into agricultural produce (harvested product of the entity's biological assets).

Here are things you stand to learn:

  1. Treatment and calculation of Inventories
  2. Key Definition of Terms
  3. Measurement
  4. Recognition of Inventory and agricultural activity
  5. Disclosure Requirements
  6. Practical Application of IAS 2 and IAS 41

Who should buy the Course:

  1. Finance Professional
  2. Students
  3. Finance Graduates
  4. Business Owners


The Techy Accountant

He is a qualified professional accountant with Eight (8) years extensive experience. He is a member of ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)- United Kingdom, a member of ACA (Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria), a member of ISACA (Certified Information System Auditors), A member of AHRP (Association of Human Resource Practitioner), a member of Association of Certified Fraud Examiner) and a member of Association of Accounting Technician (West Africa). He has a Degree in B.Sc. Ed Accounting from University of Abuja, an M.Sc. in Finance from Nasarawa State University and a current PhD student in Nasarawa State University.